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This article discusses options for an upcoming Canadian military severance payout (LOOKOUT newspaper 2012):
Don't Rush, Consider Your Options for Severance Payout
This article discusses debt and how debt problems can affect a member of the military in ways that do not apply to civilians (LOOKOUT newspaper 2012): 
Handling Debt- a responsible approach

An article reviewing some naval traditions during a formal mess dinner (LOOKOUT newspaper 2012):
The Naval Mess Dinner- Oddities and Tradition

This article discusses the importance of a will as part of an estate plan (LOOKOUT newspaper 2012):
Estate planning- The importance of a will

An article reviewing teaching money concepts to children published in the Island Parent 2012-13 Annual Parent Resource Guide (scroll to pages 14-15): 
Island Parent Annual Parent Resource Guide- Money Concepts for Kids

An article discussing teenagers and basic money concepts published in the January 2013 Island Parent (scroll to pages 28-29): Island Parent January 2013-  Teenagers and Money

An article discussing options for parents funding their children's post secondary education published in the February 2013 Island Parent (scroll to page 30): Island Parent February 2013- Funding Post- Secondary Education

An article offering families 10 ways to shrink their grocery bill published in the January 2014 Island Parent (scroll to pages 18-19):
10 Tips to Help Shrink Your Grocery Bill

An article about stress free holiday shopping in the November 2014 Island Parent (scroll to pages 20-21): Stress Free Holiday Shopping

An article for freelance writers highlighting tips and cautions when using Craigslist (Writers Weekly 02 April 2014): The Right Way to Find Freelance Jobs on Craigslist


The Great Refrigerator Massacre  (Lawrence House short story contest Runner Up- Fiction)


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Proofreading/ Editing- Pollinator Chronicles by Irine Zibin (Novel)

Proofreading/ Editing- various student papers, University of Victoria and Camosun College

Proofreading- Victoria Film Festival 2014, event programme

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