love writing.

I write for myself.

I write everyday. It's a hobby, a profession and a living. I write poetry, short stories, and enjoy the creative process. A first novel is almost ready to launch. Check out my Articles and Links section for examples of recent freelance and author works. 

Years of experience in the financial industry as a lender, Certified Financial Planner, and a non-profit Debt Counsellor has given me a keen understanding of the many issues facing today's consumer. I have published several articles on family orientated financial affairs.

Thirty two years as a full time and later, a Reserve Naval Officer, is an outstanding way to develop effective writing skills. I gained excellent experience in producing clear, concise and well researched communication material. I passed these skills on to others as an instructor. I learned many years ago that writing for more senior officers leaves no room for error.

I have made a successful career as a writer. 

Let me write for you.

Keith Guinchard- Writer

About Keith

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