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Welcome to the site of Keith Guinchard, Freelance Writer and Author.

I provide my clients with high quality, professional writing services. Past experience in personal finance, writing for business, government, as well as non-profit agencies gives me the versatility to write on a broad range of topics.

I write poetry and short stories. They provide me with an enjoyable avenue to explore creativity through fiction. 

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My first novel, TRAIN HOPPERS, is now complete. The hunt for the ever elusive agent to represent me is underway! It's a thriller set in and around Denver, Colorado. Here is an overview:

When Ashley’s parents separate her comfortable life is upended. Living with her mother turns into a disaster. Seeking a fresh start, Ashley leaves home and becomes a modern day hobo, a Train Hopper. 

She meets Nick, a good looking and charming veteran of the rails. Ignoring his violent tendencies, they set off for California. As the journey progresses he becomes increasingly angry and dismissive of her. Ashley realizes she’s made a dangerous mistake and must escape. Food poisoning strikes before she can make her move. Taking advantage of an unexpected stop, Nick abandons her in a farm shed near the tracks. She’s found by Jason, the farm owner. He is struggling with PTSD after two deployments to Iraq and mourning the loss of his wife and son in a car accident.

Detective Steve Tyler is assigned the case of an unidentified body found near the railroad. As the investigation unfolds, Steve discovers he’s on the trail of a possible serial killer. Nick is identified as the prime suspect. Steve must find him before he kills again. With the police closing in, Nick has to find and silence Ashley, the only potential link to his crime.

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